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Sugar Sap

Sugar Sap

I saw this sap bursting from a sugar maple while working in the yard. I thought this was one of mother natures beautiful moments. When I put the photo in the computer I saw the tiny little “thing” on the left of the photo. I have sent the photo to a lab to see if we can figure out what it is.

I love these macro photos because just when you think mother nature has given you something special, she hides something else to see if you’ll notice.

Christmas 2011

I started the season just fine. I found greens from cutting down a holly for a customer, then we had to cut a balsam fir and a blue spruce down for another customer. It’s nice cutting them down this time of year – not that I like cutting them down, but customers wanted them out – there’s no waste, and there was enough to make a few nice gifts that would make the people I care about smile.

As the season progressed I found myself with the usual depression. I guess I get it every year and this year was no different. I came out of it though and have accepted the fact that it’s going to take a little longer for our economy to get back to a somewhat normal place. I sure hope it’s soon though. The holiday is over now; it’s Christmas evening. So as we start to prepare for the new year and take down the decorations, I’ll look forward to the new spring season. This winter will be a little different though, I’m going to be participating in the master gardener program in our state. I’ve waited a long time to get to this level of gardening so I’m excited.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate, and for everyone – may your year be full of wishes that come true.


Flooding After Hurricane Irene

You would never know this was a field.  Green grass grows here, there’s a barn by the trees that is not in this photo.  Rain came during the evening and the small river that flows through town became a raging river that closed down traffic for hours.  A set of cranes landed and were looking around as if they were confused.  They set out shortly after I was able to grab a quick photo; perhaps they were going to check out the rest of the flood to see if there was easy food available.

Butterflies and Sunflowers


Montreal Canada

Beautiful Montreal, Canada.  During my visit, I walked up to Parc du Mont-Royal; it was well worth the hike.

Mother Nature Always Offers a Show

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I had cleaned out the gardens before, but today I did some of the fine cleaning.  The snow from this previous winter had blanketed the ground and protected the flowers that seeded in autumn; it was one of the toughest winters I had encountered.  I’m sure there will be plenty of weeds in the next few weeks.  Today however, I found flowers growing everywhere.  The Phlox were perfect in their tiny perfection of pink.  The few narcissus that were left were of show quality, at the very least for the camera.  I don’t know what that blue flower is, it’s a ground cover, but after getting the photograph in the computer I was able to see tiny hairs that grow along the stem.  I found it an interesting detail that mother nature seems to always offer, but somehow, we don’t get the chance to appreciate unless we take the time to look.

In the trauma that mother nature seems to bring us, she doesn’t forget the little tender pieces of life that make us wonder, smile, and want to photograph.  Today was a day that I had the chance to stop and breath.  Today was the chance for me to accept that winter is finally over and  a new beginning is among the earth in my surroundings.  Let the summer begin!

The Last of Summer Color

Summer is over, Autumn officially began last week; mid-day on September 22nd.  I do believe the finale has only just begun.  Cool nights, warm daylight sun, and more hours of moonlit skies.  Annuals and perennials alike bring their never-ending blooms in preparation of seasons to come. Strong, colorful, bright, and some of the most beautiful color that one can only imagine in the darkness of winter.  The soft pedals of a rose and Morning Glory bring a calmness to me that helps me to welcome the new season.  Yet I am saddened that after this last show, I will have to wait another six months before I can begin to see the next.

Shadows of Color

I was randomly taking photos of a bee inside a flower.

And then I came across this, I didn’t realize the work it was doing until I got closer.  The layers, the color, it just doesn’t seem to simply be a flower anymore.


We were trimming a Japanese Maple and I found this cocoon on one of the branches.

I opened it to see inside since the caterpillar had already left.