This blog is about what road I'm on and my journey in getting there. Maybe with a little work, I'll end up in paradise.

Spring is here, it’s time to get out the rake!

 Spring is here.  The nice weather is creeping up on us, and today I finally got out the rake and started raking the yard.  Raking my yard may take a while, but I’m determined to get all that old grass up and let the new grass take over.  I’ll be working my garden soon, I can’t wait to get outside and breath, it will feel so good to breath away that winter air that is stagnent in my lungs.

Eight more weeks and I’ll be free enough for a little while to sleep in if I want, to work in the yard if I want, and to enjoy some quiet time.  After a little rest, I’ll be out looking for more work, but I’ll worry about that later.  For now, I’m getting through these weeks peacefully. 


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