This blog is about what road I'm on and my journey in getting there. Maybe with a little work, I'll end up in paradise.


So wordpress has changed it’s image.  That means that I have to learn this again.  I’m looking forward to it actually.  Maybe it’ll be a little better.  Some people hate change; my sister is one of them.  She loves to put her life in order and then wants nothing to rock her comfort.  I guess we can all say that.  I used to hate change, I wanted my life comfortable all the time, but then the more I wanted it to stay the same, the more it moved and changed on me.  Now that I’m more comfortable with who I am and where I’m going, I realize change is good, and well, why fight it right?  Let me correct the statement of “where I’m going”, I’m not real comfortable with where I’m going, I’m just okay with where ever my life takes me.  I’m not a push over though, and I believe that we shape our destiny, as a good friend said to me today, I guess I’m just comfortable knowing that I’ll do what ever it takes to get myself out of something where I don’t want to be.  That was a mouth full wasn’t it? 

So WordPress’s change is okay, I need to take the time to learn this stuff though.  Perhaps this summer when things slow down a little for me.



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