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Mother Nature Always Offers a Show

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I had cleaned out the gardens before, but today I did some of the fine cleaning.  The snow from this previous winter had blanketed the ground and protected the flowers that seeded in autumn; it was one of the toughest winters I had encountered.  I’m sure there will be plenty of weeds in the next few weeks.  Today however, I found flowers growing everywhere.  The Phlox were perfect in their tiny perfection of pink.  The few narcissus that were left were of show quality, at the very least for the camera.  I don’t know what that blue flower is, it’s a ground cover, but after getting the photograph in the computer I was able to see tiny hairs that grow along the stem.  I found it an interesting detail that mother nature seems to always offer, but somehow, we don’t get the chance to appreciate unless we take the time to look.

In the trauma that mother nature seems to bring us, she doesn’t forget the little tender pieces of life that make us wonder, smile, and want to photograph.  Today was a day that I had the chance to stop and breath.  Today was the chance for me to accept that winter is finally over and  a new beginning is among the earth in my surroundings.  Let the summer begin!


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  1. Very nice. Injun remind you: weeds iz plants too, just ugly cousins.

    May 8, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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