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Butterflies and Sunflowers


The Last of Summer Color

Summer is over, Autumn officially began last week; mid-day on September 22nd.  I do believe the finale has only just begun.  Cool nights, warm daylight sun, and more hours of moonlit skies.  Annuals and perennials alike bring their never-ending blooms in preparation of seasons to come. Strong, colorful, bright, and some of the most beautiful color that one can only imagine in the darkness of winter.  The soft pedals of a rose and Morning Glory bring a calmness to me that helps me to welcome the new season.  Yet I am saddened that after this last show, I will have to wait another six months before I can begin to see the next.

Shadows of Color

I was randomly taking photos of a bee inside a flower.

And then I came across this, I didn’t realize the work it was doing until I got closer.  The layers, the color, it just doesn’t seem to simply be a flower anymore.


I love the lighting on this flower. I wish I took the time to take a shot of the leaves, I didn't, so have no name to give it. The time of day was around 1600; perfect for what I wanted. I believe the yellow splats on the petals are left over from insects gathering the nector; I don't know that for sure, just a guess.

Looking into What We Don’t See

I love photographing something obvious and finding something I didn’t see after I download into my computer.  I saw this peony in June or July of last summer, it was beautiful, but not as beautiful when I looked at the bigger picture. It had rained,and it was pink.  What I didn’t see was the yellow, the bubbles, and the flawlessness of the aging process.

Oh how the beauty in aging is almost always overlooked.