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I love the lighting on this flower. I wish I took the time to take a shot of the leaves, I didn't, so have no name to give it. The time of day was around 1600; perfect for what I wanted. I believe the yellow splats on the petals are left over from insects gathering the nector; I don't know that for sure, just a guess.


Connecticut in the Winter


We had a winter storm, unexpected of course, the weatherman said a few inches.  We got about 12 inches.  I took a lot of shots.  This one is not the prettiest, but is my favorite.  I used a flash and caught some of the snow flakes which makes the photo look a little surreal to me, almost drawn in. 

Picture taken in Woodbury, Connecticut, February 16, 2010.

Roses and Valentines Day


Valentines Day is approaching. My feelings are so mixed with the celebration of love during the month of February. I don’t understand why we need it, if we love someone don’t we always show it? I feel like someone is inevitably left out some how and people who are lonely are yet again reminded that they are alone.

I love flowers though, this one was photographed at the New York Botanical Garden in their rose garden.  With Valentines Day around the corner and this beautiful rose to look at, I celebrate the idea that no one should ever feel alone. There is always something that nature will give us to show us how loved we are; a beautiful sunrise, a perfectly blue sky, a smile from a stranger, and even an orange rose.

Happy February!

Mother Nature’s Canvas

Mother Nature's Canvas

First there was the rain, then the freezing temperatures. Then there was a car, which was parked in a parking lot for about a month. Mother nature decided to share her work of art with all that visited the grocery store. Another showing of the tenderness, and the power, of nature.

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The People in my Family That I Don’t Know

This is a picture of my grandmother’s mothers house in River Glade, New Brunswick, Canada – I think that’s the way I should say it.  I took a car trip to St. Peter’s Bay, Prince Edward Island a few years back to trace my ancestry.  My father died two years ago, January 16, 2008, and in some of the things that he gave me years before his death, was this photo.  I would have loved to have been there to see how the photographer took the picture.  I imagine an 8×10 camera capturing this on a plate of some kind.  I’m not sure of that, I’ll have to do some research on it.

My grandmother lost her mom at a young age.  Her aunts raised her, but life was so tough in Canada that the whole family – who were farmers – moved to the United States in hopes to improve their lives financially.  My grandmother was labeled a servant, it’s my guess that since her father had basically abandoned her that the family had to describe her that way to get her into the United States.

The young girl in the photograph just might be S. Adelia Chapman – Shellander.  She died August 6, 1902, she was 48 years old.  Her daughter was Lena, or it’s sometimes spelled Lenah Shellander, Lena was my grandmother.  The other two people might be her parents, who were Benjamin and Elizabeth Chapman.

Looking into What We Don’t See

I love photographing something obvious and finding something I didn’t see after I download into my computer.  I saw this peony in June or July of last summer, it was beautiful, but not as beautiful when I looked at the bigger picture. It had rained,and it was pink.  What I didn’t see was the yellow, the bubbles, and the flawlessness of the aging process.

Oh how the beauty in aging is almost always overlooked.

Skywatch Friday, 4 July 2008

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Seattle’s space needle from the street.

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Hands Free Cell Phones – Another Law?

Now the talk is about outlawing hands free cell phones in the car, what a joke! If you need your mom, you no longer have to dial the phone and call that person that gave you birth; our parents are now the government! I don’t mean to be so direct here, but this is really getting to me. Are we that stupid that we cannot take responsibility for our actions? Can we not use our heads when we’re supposed to? Why in the world should the law dictate our every move? If traffic is heavy, and there’s a possibility of a an accident, then . . . oh for gosh sakes.

If we allow the lawmakers to tell us that we cannot talk in the car on a hands free phone, then the next thing will be that we can no longer drive with our children in the car (in my experience this is a much larger distraction), or maybe even friends should not be allowed to travel with us.  I know, how about we limit how many people we can have in the car, or fiddling with the radio – definitely out. The other day I picked up my coffee cup while driving, it distracted me enough that I swerved to the middle of the road! No more coffee for me!

All criticism aside, could it be that the power steering is so sensitive now that every little move we make while behind the wheel makes our car react? Is it possible that the technology in steering is so good that it might be bad for us?

The law makers need stop trying to control our every move; we have already lost so much of our freedom.  Am I the only one that thinks this is ludicrous?

Skywatch Friday, 6 June 2008

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The capital building in Hartford Connecticut.

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